RPOTD: Ocean View 1966 Pontiac Bonneville

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Have you ever taken your car to the beach, and then forgot about it …… like …… forever?  It’s ok, that’ll buff right out.  Photoshop or not, I think it’s a cool picture.

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2 thoughts on “RPOTD: Ocean View 1966 Pontiac Bonneville”

  1. While I can’t vouch for this Bonneville, I have seen many older cars that have been used as breakwater on individual landings to mark property lines & slow beach erosion when I was younger on the coast of NC. Amazing how fast these cars will disintgrate down to just a barely recognizable engine block. I don’t believe this is a photoshop because I can see by the amount of sand inside the car it looks like it’s lowtide & it stays underwater so much it has some ridges of sealife growing on this side marking the rise & fall of the tides.

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