Most vs. Least Expensive Cars on eBay. 10/08

10/08 Most Expensive Car on eBay.

Vehicle: 2008 Bugatti Veyron # 150502878108

Buy it Now Price: $990,000

Owner Says: “Over $50,000 has been spent to keep this Veyron within the factory’s specifications.”

My Thoughts: Ok, so let me get this right. It has 2320 miles, and you’ve spent fifty thousand dollars to keep it within factory specifications? Ummmm……..What does that even mean?

I think I see a pattern here.

From this angle too.

Looks fast from this angle.

The rocket packs.

EPiC (see?)

10/08 Least Expensive Car on eBay.

Vehicle: 1984 Chevy K10 Truck # 120630454309

Buy it Now Price: $250

Owner Says: “I hate to see my old friend look like a left over thanksgiving turkey in my driveway.”

My Thoughts: I could not agree more. I also hate seeing turkeys in my driveway, especially when they are sitting on my truck!

Makes a great gift?

So it has a little rust.

Engine's there too.

Interior, not bad.

3 comments to Most vs. Least Expensive Cars on eBay. 10/08

  • jwberry

    The Bugatti’s tires are recommended to be replaced every 2500 miles, and they cost $30,000 a set!

  • Jon

    “$60,000 for replacing the wheels after the fourth tire change where the wheels are stress tested for cracks” Yikes! That thing costs ~$3000 more than an Enzo annually to maintain. I’ll stick to my Civic or that barely there K10. I can do a swap for $3K. And a turbo the next year. It’s a sexy car though.

  • JohnEd

    The 50K was for tires…this car was featured on the History channel.

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