TIG Welding Is Definitely an Art…..Still

While we are on the TIG welding subject, here is the picture of the day.  It’s no big deal, just one of the most beautiful welds ever.  Agtronic Motorsport created this stainless steel work of art.  Be sure to click on it for the full screen.

Image Found at http://www.honda-tech.com

6 comments to TIG Welding Is Definitely an Art…..Still

  • Ken Roberts

    I am retired now but I welded aluminum for 14 years , and stainless from time to time it is an art . I used to call it a lost art but we have some good welders out there .

  • JohnEd

    …a joy! …super clean fun!

  • J C Pittman

    The weld look very good . TIG welding is an art and I miss doing it . I welded on the nuclear steam generator aboard the U S S Enterprise prior to retiring , then I taught nuclear welding for the NAVY .

  • Bigfootexpert

    I have a problem with this weld, Looks “pretty” to the untrained eye, first, you can’t really see the welds because it has not been brushed, two, How about that pin hole? third, Why is he purging an exhaust manifold, is he drinking from it? Purging is only required for Sanitary pipe (Food, Pharmaceuticles, certain Chemicals), 4th the top weld is uneven, should have Walked the cup. Come to a Nuclear Power Plant where you will find the best welders to walk this planet, so sick of these know-it-all speed shop welders. Speed Shops don’t X=Ray or follow any AWS Procedure but make “Pretty” welds :)

  • Richard

    @bigfoot…purging in this case is a very good idea, with a manifold like this it will be easier to weld, especially if the fit-up isn’t perfect. Second the purge will provide a more corrosion resistant weld in the high temperature environment of an exhaust manifold. Is it really necessary? Maybe not, would a craftsman who takes pride in manufacturing a quality product do it? YES. I don’t see a pin hole, however I do see the small black spec of silica typically found in a stainless weld.

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