Now Available: 550+ HP Cadillac Wagon At Your Local Dealer!

2011 CTS-V Wagon

When you weren’t paying attention, somebody awesome at Cadillac decided that a CTS-V Wagon was something that the world desperately needed. Rear wheel drive, 550 horsepower, 550 foot pounds of torque, supercharged, a 6 speed manual transmission option, 19 inch polished aluminum wheels, and brakes that will stop you so fast that your tongue will stick out. Gosh I love America.

These cars are officially showing up at dealers now, waiting, lurking, and quietly entering your dreams.  The one pictured just arrived over the weekend near me.  For just over 30 thousand 2 dollar bills, this family truckster could land itself in your driveway.  You could then put a couple kids in the back and drive like a respectable adult surrounded in luxury from Monday until Friday.  Then on Saturday morning, you flip your hat brim up, put on dark sunglasses and rip through gears like you just robbed a bank.  Cadillac claims 0-60 in 4 ish seconds with a quarter mile flying by in 12.6 seconds.  If you have never driven down a drag strip before, let me tell you, 12’s is stupid quick.  Factor in that your rolling in a wagon on 19’s that is chock full of leather….and the only word to describe it is “EEEEEE!!!”. Well played Cadillac.   We don’t care why you made it, in fact, we don’t even want to know.  We’re just happy that you did.

6 comments to Now Available: 550+ HP Cadillac Wagon At Your Local Dealer!

  • joe montanez

    beautiful i love the sport wagon
    kinda with the g8 sport truck came out before Pontiac went under too

  • Stingray

    Double like! Long live the wagon.

  • Tom

    Ok, honestly, How many out there want to rip this motor out of the wagon and push in under the hood or your retro-mod?

    Show of hands please?? With all the fuel injected, traction assist, and all that other computer aided humma humma.

    I wonder how long it will take someone to shoehorn it under the hood of a Miata? or maybe in some kit car that weighs about 1/2 of the caddy’s bulk. That would really go!

  • JohnEd

    HA! that’s half the price of the Porch-ah…Go-go Govt. motors!

  • Ryan

    Daddy like!!! I keep telling my wife that oneday she will pull up home and see me in process to slamming her soon to be oneday new ride….. A 93 buick roadmaster wagon. And yes, the woodgrain down the side is a must!!

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