Which One: T-Top Trans Am, Convertible Trans Am, or GTO?

2011 6T9 GTO Trans Am

Let’s imagine for a moment that a genie popped out of your coffee this morning and said that he is magically acquiring you one of the three vehicles pictured above in the next 24 hours. You must take them as show, not knowing anything other than what you see in this picture.  All are brand new, drivable cars, with zero miles.

The builder of these beauties can be found at transamdepot.com

12 comments to Which One: T-Top Trans Am, Convertible Trans Am, or GTO?

  • good god. it’s my garage! how did you get in there?! (the best one is the t-top… it’s got an LS9) haha. ;)


    seriously though, how can anyone argue with a black T/A with t-tops? GM could underwrite an updated smokey and the bandit. best marketing ever. they’d sell zillions.

  • Dru Prentice

    The T top Trans am! nothing is T Top anymore!

  • Man that’s a tough choice.I voted for the black Trans Am. Looks pretty nice.

  • Mike

    I like the GTO, clean and simple, it says, “I WANNA GO FAST” (to quote the great Ricky Bobby).

  • shodan

    the black trans am looks the best but the GTO is the better car

  • Tom

    I gotta go with the Black and the T-tops.

    ALTHOUGH I don’t like the rims on the Black and would swap rims from either of the other two cars. I think that would be a fantastic overall look.

    But if those are black stripes on the White convertible’s hood (can’t quite tell if its a dark blue or black) that is fairly tempting as well. My only convertible driving experience was a classy Lebaron, so something that doesn’t feel like its about to fall apart would be great!

  • Dan F

    Count me in for the black TA too. Sucker for t-tops, but having owned 2 sets already, should go without saying. Time to start growing a killer ‘stach

  • Nick Thomas

    Whichever one sells for the most so I can get something that performs better in every way and keep most of the money in my pocket.

  • JohnEd

    Good, then send the white one to ME!!! or I can come git it!

  • pie

    All of those cars are so full of win… I can’t choose!!!

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