Four Carburetors, Air Conditioned, Air Cooled.


I realize that not everybody is a fan of Corvair’s, but for those of you that are, I have some eye candy for you.  This is a “trunk” full of air cooled goodness.  It’s got chrome.  It’s got four carbs.  It also has working air conditioning.  Haters may hate, but I think this a totally boss setup.  If and when I own a naturally aspirated Corvair, it will be a copy of this setup. Oh and don’t mind the shadowed silhouette in the picture, I’m still learning how to ruin my own photography.

Jeremy Nutt

Hi, I'm Jeremy.

4 thoughts on “Four Carburetors, Air Conditioned, Air Cooled.

  1. A foreman at Chrysler had a Corvair and he dropped a 426 Hemi in it . not much room for it but really impressive at the strip.

  2. My across-the-street neighbor had a Chev 327 in his Corvair. He called it a Corv-eight. His biggest problem was keeping it cool in traffic. He had big pipes to a front-mounted radiator (beneath the front “trunk”) with an electric fan that wasn’t quite up to the job.


  3. I am in the process of starting an all wheel drive 1967 Corvair convertable project using the system out of a rolled Saturn Vue, will be Turboed when done.

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