Caught On Camera: Biggest Wheels Ever Seen On A Prizm

Who needs a truck when you can have a Prizm? A friend of mine spotted this the other day while on the highway. ┬áCall me crazy, but those are probably the biggest tires ever “on” a Prizm. I’m sure that 1 strap is holding those tires on extra tight.

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Jeremy Nutt

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7 thoughts on “Caught On Camera: Biggest Wheels Ever Seen On A Prizm”

  1. IMPRESSIVE! Hey, at least it appears a stap was used to to fasten them down. It could`ve been somebody with some old twine that was convienently in the trunk.(FOR JUST SUCH OCCASIONS)

  2. Pretty funny. I’m not sure you’d make it very far here in Cali. The cops would be all over you. In the old days you could throw just about anything on top of your car and hall it around as long as it was tied down. I imagine those tires are a pretty penny.

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