1948 Packard Convertible

About 18 years ago, I went to Florida to visit my grandparents. While we were down there, my dad and I escaped from the rest of the family for a bit, and found ourselves at a local junkyard. I remember very little about that day, except for a glorious pair of convertible Packards . . . → Read More: 1948 Packard Convertible

Doubled Nosed Truck

Somewhere in Massachusetts there is a double nosed truck that doesn’t know if it is coming or going.  This is what it looks like. I wonder what it has under the hood..s….?

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Top 11 Car Blogs Worth Reading

Recently I was perusing my favorite car blogs and said to myself “hey pal, reading these blogs is a real breath of garage-fresh air, maybe I should write a 1A Blog post about how awesome some of these other car blogs are! Yeeeaa buddy!” So today, that’s my game plan. After all, when somebody . . . → Read More: Top 11 Car Blogs Worth Reading

Supercharged Trailblazer SS

One vehicle that is often underrated, and almost unnoticed in traffic is the Trailblazer SS.  They came with 6.0L LS2’s under the hood that pushed nearly 400 horsepower through the AWD drivetrain.  In stock form these things are sick.  Stuff a supercharger under the hood of one, and you have yourself a gigantic load . . . → Read More: Supercharged Trailblazer SS

Subaru Burned Valve – Found The Problem!

The first step of any repair is determining what the problem is. Since I already knew that one cylinder was missing compression, I began the diagnosis by determining where all of that compression was going. I knew that if the piston was damaged, the compression would have to be filling the crankcase like crazy, so I started the car and yanked the oil filler cap off. I then waved my hand around above the oil filler tube. If the piston was damaged, there would have been massive amounts of compression pumping out of there. Luckily for me, there wasn’t. . . . → Read More: Subaru Burned Valve – Found The Problem!

Integrated Exhaust Manifolds

You see, General Motors has been starting to integrate the exhaust manifolds into the cylinder heads themselves. This is absolutely terrific news for several reasons. It gives engineers & technicians a bit more room to play, weighs several pounds less, has less gaskets to blow, and it locates the catalytic converters closer to the cylinder heads which reduces emissions even further. . . . → Read More: Integrated Exhaust Manifolds

Just a Twin Turbo Fairlane 500

One car that I have seen several times over the past couple of years is this 63-64? Fairlane 500 with a twin turbocharged 5.0L nestled under the hood. This sort of thing always brings a smile to my face because it soooo outside the box, and most likely disturbingly fast. Both of which I happen to appreciate greatly. . . . → Read More: Just a Twin Turbo Fairlane 500

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