The Bodacious Blue Delorean: What’s The Story With It?

Today I received a text message from a friend with a great picture attached.  It was the blue painted Delorean seen here.  Apparently a friend of a friend bought it recently and is going to be stripping the totally tubular 1980’s blue paint off it in the…… future.

I then did a little research on “The Blue Delorean” (how many can there possible be?) and found an eBay listing that flew under the radar a few months ago. eBay Item # 290503186893.

The story goes… (according to the rumors on the internet, so it MUST be true) that John Delorean’s brother Continue Reading

How Often Do You Really Change Your Engine Oil? (Poll)

Oil Antifreeze Milkshake

Last week’s oil change post turned out to be quite a hot topic that had some truly outstanding, in-depth comments.  After all the positive feedback from it, it got me thinking about how often people change their oil / have it changed.  You guys know where I stand at this point, so now it’s your turn to fess up and tell the truth.  How often do all of you really change your engine oil?  Give this poll to your friends  & family and we’ll see what’s what. The polls have officially been opened!

[polldaddy poll=4365176]

Best of the 1A Auto Blog 2010

Over the course of 2010, we had some pretty funny, interesting, educational, and inspirational blogs on here. Today, I’m posting up my favorite 17 blogs. Yeap. Seventeen. Anyway…. Which were your fav’s?

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Don’t Let Sludge and Friction Enter Your Engine Party

As a full time gearhead, I often find myself talking to my non-gearhead friends about their cars and the importance of maintenance.  I always stress the importance of regular oil changes because it’s like super cheap insurance in my mind.  Clean oil and a fresh oil filter = happily rotating parts inside your engine.  Once Sludge enter the place, your engine-party is over.

Everybody knows that Sludge smells terrible and whenever you have Sludge, his best buddy Friction isn’t far behind. Great, who brought these guys? The Smoooooth Operaaator song (by Sade… you remember that one right?) comes to a screeching halt because nobody wants Friction at their happy-engine party.   Sludge is always so tough to get rid of though once he’s there. He’s always blocking door ways, getting in the way of activities, and stinking the place up big time.  The entire symphony of parts on the once flowing dance floor begin intently looking at each other watching for the first one to head out. Obviously no one wants to be “that guy” at the party. Continue Reading

Top 10: Cars I Wanted For Christmas

As I sit here relaxing on the day after Christmas, I find myself perusing eBay for cars I have no room, time, or money for. Without letting reality get in the way of a good blog, I’m going forward with my “Top 10: Cars on eBay that I wanted for Christmas” list! In no particular order:

1) 1939 Studebaker Coupe Pickup Truck. Yes, coupe…… pickup. It apparently sat in California for quite some time, so the frame is still there, unlike anything in the north east.  Old black paint is also my favorite color.
Item # 160514350556

2) 1953 Chevy Belair convertible.  These things are cool with a capital C.  The grille on these things makes them look like they eat prius’s for breakfast.  All this thing needs is a bath and a 4 inch channel job to get it closer to earth.  Luckily(?) the bottom half of the car rotted away long ago, which means there will be less metal to cut out.
Item # 280605182223

3) 1958 MGA roadster.  I have always liked the looks of these things, and I even sat in a coupe version at Toad Hall once.  These things are super low, pretty small, and MUST be hysterically fun to drive at 9/10’s of what they are capable of.  I would probably 2JZ it if it were mine just to keep it scary.
Item # 270677824778


4) 1954 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible. I’m going to throw this out there and if you don’t agree, just throw it back at me:  1950’s Cadillacs are some of the most stylish cars to ever come out of Detroit.  Just look at the bumperettes and body lines.  I wouldn’t have the heart to slice and dice one of these.  It flows too perfectly as is, much like the Buicks of the same era.  Incredible from all angles…… except where they labeled it under the right headlight.
Item # 170578239469

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What Would You Do With A……….. Mint Chevette?

Chevette’s don’t exist anymore because they were considered “throw away cars” that were so cheap and slow that nobody cared about them. They were rarely, if ever, loved by their owners, and never taken car of.  All, except this one.  This car is owned by a coworker that has owned it since it was practically new.  It has something like 30K original miles, and it is pristine from every angle.  Every time I walk buy it I battle ideas in my head of what I would do with it if it were mine.  On one hand, this little Scooter would be incredible with a new turbocharged ECOTEC engine, 6 gears, and tires wide enough to make it corner like an Enzo.  Then on the other hand, it would be an absolute tragedy to cut up such a perfect low mileage original car.  I just can’t make sense of it all.Continue Reading