Tucker:The Man and His Dream

If your a car nut and enjoy a good movie,and if you still haven’t seen it Tucker:The Man and His Dream, is a great one to watch.

The movie is about the life of Preston Tucker, and a dream to build an automobile that was way ahead of it’s time that the average person could afford.The cars were to be built with features such as a rear engine,disk brakes,a water cooled aluminum block,seat belts,and a third headlight that turned in the direction of the car enabling you to see better at night. » Continue reading more of this post…

The Great Race from New York To Paris in 1908

The Great Race from New York To Paris in 1908 was a publicity stunt dreamed up by the New York Times. In 1908 6 cars left Times Square in New York city at a whopping 35 MPH heading to Paris from NY. Back in 1908 there were not to many cars and there were no roads as we have today, so these six cars drove through conditions beyond extreme.

The cars were bound for Alaska but when they got there the travel was impossible due to deep snow and melting rivers.With this obstacle in the way the cars were shipped back to Seattle,and them shipped to Japan to continue the race. » Continue reading more of this post…

The Bodacious Blue Delorean: What’s The Story With It?

Today I received a text message from a friend with a great picture attached.  It was the blue painted Delorean seen here.  Apparently a friend of a friend bought it recently and is going to be stripping the totally tubular 1980’s blue paint off it in the…… future.

I then did a little research on “The Blue Delorean” (how many can there possible be?) and found an eBay listing that flew under the radar a few months ago. eBay Item # 290503186893.

The story goes… (according to the rumors on the internet, so it MUST be true) that John Delorean’s brother » Continue reading more of this post…

Did You Know: That Toyota Tundras Have 4 Piston Calipers?

Recently, I did some work on a 2001 Toyota Tundra because it had begun spitting antifreeze through the grille with the force of 1000 agitated llamas.  I swapped out the severely cracked radiator and took it for a test drive to make sure the thermostat and heat were working properly again.  Fortunately, the heating & cooling system worked flawlessly.  Unfortunately, somebody had replaced the brake pedal with a partially deflated water balloon.  It quickly became apparent that braking was not one of this truck’s finest features.  It didn’t grind, but it didn’t stop either.  I ever so gently coasted it back to the garage and pulled the wheel to see what what the rest of the night would look like for me.

What did I find you ask? Well, two things actually.

1) About 1/3 of the brake pad surface still touching the rotor and an inner pad that was almost down to the metal. Fun times.

2) Hey look! 4 piston calipers and 12.5″ rotors!!  Sweet!

» Continue reading more of this post…

How Often Do You Really Change Your Engine Oil? (Poll)

Oil Antifreeze Milkshake

Last week’s oil change post turned out to be quite a hot topic that had some truly outstanding, in-depth comments.  After all the positive feedback from it, it got me thinking about how often people change their oil / have it changed.  You guys know where I stand at this point, so now it’s your turn to fess up and tell the truth.  How often do all of you really change your engine oil?  Give this poll to your friends  & family and we’ll see what’s what. The polls have officially been opened!

This $250 Fiero Is The Cheapest Car On eBay Today!

If there were ever two words that shouldn’t be allowed to go together, “Montana” and “Fiero” would be them.  The only logical reason to have a Fiero in Montana is to melt the snow in your driveway when the car eventually catches on fire.  I’ve been in a Fiero in a snowstorm before, and while it is hysterically fun in a “I’m afraid for my life” sort of way, I wouldn’t recommend it to people that aren’t wearing helmets.  Winter driving in a Fiero is like playing the lottery, but you’ve already lost the main jackpot and now you’re wishing you did something else with your dollar.  Ok, let’s get down to business, there is a 87 Fiero 5-speed Sunroof car at stake here:

The current owner says:

“This is a great vehical, I blew the engine driving down the interstate.”

My thoughts:

Wow. Just …wow.  All Fiero joking aside, I have gotten » Continue reading more of this post…

MAP Sensors: What They Are And What They Do.

Remember science class when the teacher shouted “Pay attention! You might need this someday!” ?  Well, as much as I don’t want to admit it, that teacher was right.  Lets touch upon the basics and see if it rings a bell?

The Basics:

  • First off – MAP is an acronym for Manifold Absolute Pressure.  MAP sensors measure the air pressure in your intake manifold which helps the engine’s computer determine air / fuel ratios.  MAP sensors are set to “zero” from the factory. So with the car off, and the key on, the MAP sensor will read “zero” at sea level.
  • On earth, we have 14.7 Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) on us at all times at sea level.
  • “Bar” is a measurement of pressure.  1 Bar = 1 atmospheric pressure, which is 14.7 PSI.
  • The absence of pressure is measured in “Inches Of Mercury” (in. hg). (Finally we get to use the periodic table of elements in real life!)
  • -1 Bar = -29.4 in. hg
  • 1 Bar = 29.4 in. hg
  • Naturally Aspirated = without a turbocharger or supercharger. Also known as “N/A”.
  • Forced Induction = with a turbo or supercharger
  • In forced induction applications “Boost” is automotive slang for PSI
  • Stoichiometric Air Fuel Ratio = The ratio of the exact amount of air it takes to burn a fuel completely.
  • Stoichiometric for Gasoline Engines = 14.7 : 1 (14.7 parts air to 1 part fuel).

Now some of that good stuff:

With a N/A engine running, the MAP sensor may see readings » Continue reading more of this post…

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