Projects & Builds: A BMW E30 4G63 6-Speed Drag Car Build.

Volkswagen owners are typically quite dedicated to their brand. Getting them to switch brands is usually tough, and often impossible.  Matt A. is clearly not a typical VW owner though, because, he didn’t seem to think twice about it.  Maybe it was all of the fire that made his decision easier….

Fire VW

Anyway…. one day a few years ago, Matt noticed a 1987 BMW 325i sitting at a friends shop.  It had been there quite a while and the owner of it didn’t seem too enthusiastic about fixing its mysterious electrical problem.   Matt inquired about it, and bought it with a devilish 4G63-inspired plan in mind. » Continue reading more of this post…

Tomorrow: We Learn More About This 6-Speed E30

BMW E30 Swap

(Far Lane)


Tomorrow we’ll learn what the gigantic snail under the hood is all about, how a T56 bolted into it, and the most important question of all….. “just how many engines have been blown up in this car in the last 365 days?”