We’re Sooo Close To 5000 Fans On Facebook!

When I was a kid, every so often some disgusting food, like cauliflower, would land on my dinner plate.  As you can imagine, with my pouty face in full swing, I was less than enthused.  So to try to get my motivation up, my mom would say to me “You like this!”  Luckily, I learned her tricks at a young age, and I knew that no matter how much she told me I liked cauliflower, it still tasted like broccoli that had gone bad. There was not enough salt, pepper , and butter in the world that was going to make that stuff edible.  I’m confident that whomever decided that cauliflower was a “food”, had made a terrible mistake.  Now that I am an adult (sometimes I really am) I chuckle inside when I see the Facebook “Like” button, because it makes me think of terrible tasting childhood dinners.

Now that we got that out of the way, you may notice that our magical Facebook widget on the right shows that we have almost 5000 fan’s!  So today, I have a challenge for you, should you choose to accept it.  If you have a friend (imaginary or not, I don’t judge), family member, cousin, or enemy that may enjoy the 1A Blog as much as you do, today is the day to share it with them.  Email it, post it on Facebook, text them, Tweet it, or get on the telephone. Whatever you gotta do.  Tell them that this blog is better than cauliflower, and your buddies Jeremy & Tony wants to meet them. With your help, we should be able to surpass that 5000 Facebook fan mark effortlessly, and take this whole thing to the next level.  In the past 3 months we have tripled in visitors here, and slowing down is not an option for us.

To thank you for sharing this warm blanket of automotive enthusiasm with a friend today, we’re going to post a few extra’s blogs up for your enjoyment. Check back often, because it’s gonna be a busy one!

-Team 1A Auto Blog

Facebook: Is Your Name On This Porsche GT3?

Recently Porsche reached over 1 million fans on their Facebook page, though they are already up to 1,353,000 fans as of this morning (yikes!).  Anyway, how did Porsche decide to celebrate this monumental occasion?  Well, they printed out all of their facebook friends names on vinyl and wrapped  a GT3 with it.  Pretty rad I’d say. » Continue reading more of this post…