5 Easy Steps To Repairing a Tire With Hair Spray and a Shovel

A few weeks ago, I found myself with a flat tire in the RX8.  The air had been leaking out slowly over a few days, so I assumed that I had a nail in it, as usual.

Step 1) Remove the wheel from the vehicle, and spray soapy water all over the tread area of the tire. Watch for bubbles.

Strangely – I didn’t find an air leak.  So I moved on to step 2, which I had almost forgot existed, because I always find a nail in my tire during step 1.

Step 2) Spray the tire valve stem, and the bead of the tire where it meets the wheel with the soapy water. Watch for bubbles. » Continue reading more of this post…

How To Properly Get a Flat Tire


If you are going to get a flat tire on a beautifully sunny day in September, you are going to want to do it properly.  This is how the pros do it.  “Shake Shake Shake KA-BOOOOOM!”

Note to self: Do not ignore tire shakes.