How to Remove an Engine in 30 Seconds


Not much to say here.  Just removing the engine in 30 seconds or less.



Ever Say To Yourself “My Engine Is Definitely In The Wrong Spot!” ?

Well, you’re absolutely right. Sometimes the factory doesn’t put the engine in the right spot, so people have no choice but to correct it.  “Nicely done” I’d say… but what’s under the ol’ bonnet I wonder?



Factory 5 VW Supercar? Yes Please.

Latest Beauty from Factory 5

Recently Mark Smith of Factory 5 ( arrived on some VW discussion forums.  He quickly made it known that he had a VW kit car project in the works that looks conceptually outstanding.  Apparently you start with a Gen IV Golf or Jetta, and slice and dice it into a GTM-inspired (my words) supercar.  Overall, it looks like a massively epic win for Volkswagen enthusiasts, and the car world in general, because an economic supercar will soon be within the average DIY’ers budget!  There isn’t a descriptive enough word in the English language to describe the kind of automotive passion that comes out of the Factory 5 guys hands, so I have no doubt that this will be more of the same.  If you want to follow the progress there are two areas you may want to venture into. is the first, and there is also a slightly more in depth build thread going on within the TDIclub