Pic Of The Day: A Truck Load Of Dodge Charger Daytona’s.

With this much wing, I’m amazed the whole truck didn’t fly away.  Was it true that you can sit on the top of one of these wings?  That’s the rumor going around.

Daytona Car Carrier

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Old Hemi’s in the woods. Now that’s unique.

Instead of a complete rotting car today, we have a couple Hemi engines in the woods.  One still sits between some frame rails and the other was found hiding under an old hood.  I am not sure if they are 331’s or 392’s, but it’s obvious that they are the “old” style Hemis.  I looked around the area and sadly there were not any 426 blocks hanging out nearby.

Can anybody provide some stats of these?  Size? Horsepower? Torque? There must be some old school Mopar guys out there that know this kind of stuff.  Enjoy the rotting muscle !