Best of the 1A Auto Blog 2010

Over the course of 2010, we had some pretty funny, interesting, educational, and inspirational blogs on here. Today, I’m posting up my favorite 17 blogs. Yeap. Seventeen. Anyway…. Which were your fav’s?

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If Coolness were Land Mass, This Engine would be the Louisiana Purchase.

The Sweetest Car Collection….. in the Woods.

This is a Cow Riding On A Firebird.

What Happened To Miss Belvedere?

Miss Belvedere, What Happened?

Miss Belvedere was the talk of the town in June of 2007 after being unearthed from the deepest darkest depths of downtown Tulsa.  She was a brand new 1957 Plymouth with just 4 miles on her when they dunked her in the pit of no return.  Fifty years later when the light of day finally shined on her again in 2007, she had not aged well.  She looked like an automotive version of the Cryptkeeper (Remember that show – Tales from the crypt!??).  Anyway, as it turns out, automobiles cannot be preserved by dunking them under water for 50 years. Wait….WHAT!? Yes it is true, dirty gutter water from the Tulsa streets does not preserve sheetmetal, fabric, or plastic.

Shortly after she was raised from the sarcophagus, she was put on display for all the interwebzz and journalists to get their piece.   » Continue reading more of this post…