RPOTD: Why You Have 4 Wheel Drive Edition.

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4 Wheel drive does not help when in flight.

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RPOTD: How Fast Can I Go Edition

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This is what the wing is for.

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RPOTD: Launching That Cougar Edition

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Acceleration. Yup.

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RPOTD: Audi Greatness in the Snow Edition

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Winter Wonderland

Winter: This is how you do it.

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RPOTD: How to Ruin a New Camaro Edition

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Today I bring to you not 1, but 5 (yes…….Five!) pictures of the day because 1 is just not enough to wrap your brain around this one.

Why? I don’t know either. It is what it is. I’ve decided to tell myself that it is some kind of movie car or something, and not just somebody ruining their new Camaro. The positive thing to come from this is that the resale value of this wreck will be extremely low, so when it eventually does become for sale, it will be quite affordable!

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RPOTD: Volkswagen GTI Now Featuring More Panda.

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Today's Class: How To Be "Moar" Low.

Today’s RPOTD is in the form of a 2008 VW GTI.  As you can see, it is an exquisite collection of low, with a delicious side dish of more low.  To answer your question: Yes, this is actually driven like this.

Car owned by Ryan S.
Broke Status

Photo Taken By Ryan G. Check out more of his amazing photography at:

RPOTD: Ocean View 1966 Pontiac Bonneville

Random Picture Of The Day

Have you ever taken your car to the beach, and then forgot about it …… like …… forever?  It’s ok, that’ll buff right out.  Photoshop or not, I think it’s a cool picture.

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