RPOTD: The Lines of a ’60 Edition

Random Picture Of The Day

While staring at the back of the soda blasted 60 Pontiac Ventura in my garage yesterday I realized just how cool the lines are on the back of it.  If you love bare metal, leave me a comment below.  Who’s with me?

RPOTD: Coffee On The Back Of Your Truck Sir.

Random Picture Of The Day


I typically drink my coffee.

Other people prefer leaving it on the back of their truck.

Coffee fail.

RPOTD: Alien Spacecraft? Nah, Just a Vette Extreme Close Up.

Random Picture Of The Day

After yesterday’s Trans Am picture, I figured a bright red Corvette would be a nice follow-up.  From this view, it kind of looks like something that should be flying through the air over Area 51.  Luckily for us, it is not an extraterrestrial  space ship full of curious beings from another galaxy, its a beautiful muscle car.  Remember how nice summer was? ……mmmmm…..warmth.

RPOTD: Trans Am Nostrils Edition

Random Picture Of The Day


Getting an extreme close up of a car is a fun way to mix things up.  We may do a few extreme close ups this week to add a bit of post-Halloween panache to the blog.  Today is a 1981 Trans Am that appears to have huge nostrils because of the angle & camera.  FWIW: This car is amazing in person.

RPOTD: Ghostly Exhaust Edition

Random Picture Of The Day


With Halloween just a few days away, it was no surprise that there was a ghostly fog escaping an open exhaust in my garage recently.  Am I scared?  Maybe I am, so what?

RPOTD: Exotic Trailer Full Edition

Random Picture Of The Day


This rig pulls up at your house.
The Stig is driving.
The tow rig’s passenger door swings open.
You glare at your own reflection in The Stig helmet.
There is a giant sticker on the dashboard that says “It’s you’re lucky day!”

This is not reality.
Snap out of it.
You are still at work, browsing the internet.


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RPOTD: James Dean Edition

Random Picture Of The Day

James Dean & the “Little Bastard”. Nuff Said.

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