Which One: T-Top Trans Am, Convertible Trans Am, or GTO?

2011 6T9 GTO Trans Am

Let’s imagine for a moment that a genie popped out of your coffee this morning and said that he is magically acquiring you one of the three vehicles pictured above in the next 24 hours. You must take them as show, not knowing anything other than what you see in this picture.  All are brand new, drivable cars, with zero miles.

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The builder of these beauties can be found at transamdepot.com

RPOTD: Trans Am Nostrils Edition

Random Picture Of The Day


Getting an extreme close up of a car is a fun way to mix things up.  We may do a few extreme close ups this week to add a bit of post-Halloween panache to the blog.  Today is a 1981 Trans Am that appears to have huge nostrils because of the angle & camera.  FWIW: This car is amazing in person.