Someone Stole Part of my Car. Here’s What I Did About It.

Someone Stole Part of my Car.  Here’s What I Did About It.

I recently bought a rad 2006 Subaru WRX.   It’s got low mileage and it’s in great shape.  I was pretty proud of my purchase.  So, naturally I was pretty bummed out when, at the end of a work day, I found out the bumper had been popped out and piece was taken out of it.  It seems some punk kids (have I really gotten so old that I use the phrase punk kids, now?) saw a cool car and decided to ruin the owner’s day (they were successful).

So I was faced with the question of what I was going to do next.  File a police report?  The part frankly wasn’t worth enough to make that worth anyone’s time – which does raise the question why anyone would take it in the first place.  Seek vigilante justice?  As appealing as Charles Bronson made it look, I don’t think that’s my style.  In the end, I decided it would be best to just move on and get a replacement.  I checked to see if 1A carried the part, so I could get that sweet, sweet employee discount, but sadly we didn’t have it.  So now I had to find it on the open market.


This is the part they took.

So first of all, I had to figure out what to even call that piece.  I started searching various phrases in eBay: bumper insert, bumper trim, bumper vent.  “Bumper vent” brought up a couple appealing results.  They seemed a bit pricey, though, for such a small piece.  Many eBay listings use manufacturer part numbers, so you can check your fit.  It’s also a convenient way to comparison shop.  You can search eBay, Google, and any other resources you want for that part number.  The listings I saw did not happen to have the part number, but luckily for me, the 1A purchasing team was able to turn up the part number.

I searched the part number in Google and found it on  Even better, they had the part already painted to match.  The only problem was, I wasn’t sure what color my car is.  How am I supposed to tell the difference between Steel Gray Metallic and Crystal Grey Metallic by eye?  Sometimes that kind of info is found on a placard inside your door jamb.  Not on my car, though.


Does this look more Crystal Gray or Steel Gray to you?

By sheer coincidence, I also had to replace a headlight bulb around the same time.  I noticed an info plaque under the hood, near the firewall.  On it, it said, “Color Code: 48W.”  Back to Google.  A search for “Subaru 48W” told me that my car is Crystal Gray Metallic.


I ordered the part, it came quickly, and I was able to easily pop it into place by hand.  I can definitely tell that my brakes feel sooo much more vented with it.

Must-See: Subaru WRX with Tank Tracks

Just when you thought that the automotive world had nothing left to offer this week, I bring you this.  It’s a 2002 Subaru WRX with what I would call “tank tracks”, instead of wheels.  Now, I know what you might be saying “I already saw one of these in the Ken Block video, so it’s not cool anymore…“. Yea, I know, but Ken Block’s wasn’t able to be bought either. This one most certainly is. Just imagine if you added an external roll cage and some spot lights to the roof. Not only would you be ready to take on a pack of rabid wolverines, but this car would instantly be a force to be reckoned with in our Zombie Apocalypse vehicle collection. No doubt!

The seller says:

“This WRX literally floats through the deepest of snow as its ground pressure is only about 1.25 lbs per square inch.   It handles great and turns very well.  Its also amazingly quick!   The car includes decent tires and wheels.  When you don’t need the tracks, you can put the tires back on and use the car as a daily driver.  It takes about 30 minutes to remove the tracks and put the wheels back on.”

So if the vampires, zombies, and cyborgs don’t end up attacking, you can swap the summer tires back on in less than an hour, and take a leisurely ride through the country roads to get an ice cream with your family. Is buying this car your destiny in life? Does 196,000 miles in a turbo Subaru make you nervous? Is $17,500 cheap for an AWD turbo snowmobile? Well, those are questions that you are going to need to sleep on tonight. Until then, this Subaru WRX Tank will be waiting for you on eBay.

eBay at item number 251027905304

Can’t see the video? Here is the link:


Journey WRX: A WRX Journey

Over on VWVortex, there is never a lack of greatness being posted from people that are far more creative and talented than myself. This video is from one of those posts.  From what I have gathered, the creator of the video’s friend (did I lose you there?) bought a Subaru WRX, but that isn’t his only claim to fame.  He can also tear up a basketball court like he invented the dang Reebok Pumps. Naturally, the two friends decided to combine these two passions into one cinematic adventure that strangely makes me want to purchase something at the end.  I just can’t decide whether I want some classic Air Jordan’s, or a new WRX.  In any case, it is amazing what a couple of talented folks can do behind a camera.  A simple idea turns into something that could easily be a great TV advertisement for……. something I have yet to decide. Well done!

Video originally posted by: “bmashbat” over on VWVortex