14 Fun Car Audio Facts in Episode 5 of 1A Auto Talk & Tune

In this week’s episode of the 1A Auto Talk & Tune auto show, we reveal 14 fun car audio facts that will amaze and astonish. We also help diagnose a vehicle that has a coil on plug ignition causing engine noise through the car audio system.

So how did this episode go from an insider perspective? Well, I think it went pretty well overall, until the end when we accidentally combined two fun facts. This brought our total to 13, which if you watch to the end of the video, you will see. You know what though – we aren’t actors, we are a couple car enthusiasts making a video about cars, so these things happen.

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One thought to “14 Fun Car Audio Facts in Episode 5 of 1A Auto Talk & Tune”

  1. I ordered a front left window regulator from you guys and received it quickly. I could have purchased this item a little cheaper but your customer service person (wish I could remember her name) was great and knew this particular regulator actually had two styles. She got me the right one. Also, your video saved me a ton of time. So you guys are doing a great job. Keep it up. Guys like me are watching your videos all the time and they really help.
    Thank you.

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