Colorado Speed Supercharged LS7 Drift Truck


The guys at Hitman Hotrods and MBRP Inc. are building what appears to be the most awesome Chevy Colorado known to mankind.   As if tubbing and caging a basically new 2007 Chevy Canyon wasn’t cool enough, they went ahead and stuck a supercharged LS7 in it, backed by a T-56 6-speed.  Drool. Multipurpose racing with 1000 horsepower is the intention, and they appear to be on the right track.  Let’s see how it performs on the 1AAuto Blog Pure Awesomeness list:

– LS7 engine that has no business under the hood? Check!
– 1000 horsepower? Check!
– Manual transmission? Check!
– 10 second quarter mile times? Check!
– Massive front AND rear tires? Check!
– 6 (yes 6) Brake Calipers? Check!
– The stance of absolute perfection? Check!
– Ability to scare people with the engine off? Check!

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3 thoughts to “Colorado Speed Supercharged LS7 Drift Truck”

  1. SICK!!!

    With the right driver behind the wheel, that thing could whip all of the Nippon product and 'Koukis' in the U.S. drifting competitions (maybe even the japanese ones as well 😉 )!

    Is that a full floater rear axle?? Which diff in the 9" (DPI Gold track maybe??)?

    A full sequential gearbox would be cool (but is probably unnecessary), IF they could even find one to handle that power/torque!!

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