Embarrassment: Your High School Vehicle

In high school, my friends and I drove some really, really crappy cars.  We knew that they were crap, yet we invested fist fulls of money and months of time into them as if they were going to have a huge payout someday.  Apparently foresight was not taught in school.   Somehow putting $1500 of stereo system in a $30 car made a lot of sense at that point in our lives.  On the bright side, the cars were so crappy that it allowed our creativity to really shine.  We could do any ridiculous modification that we wanted because the car was worthless to begin with.  If we messed up, it was still a worthless car.   Racing stripes? Sure! Painted windows? You Bet! Backwards seats? ummm, yes?  We learned many valuable life lessons on these cars, and we wouldn’t have be the same without them.  Pictures above is a friend / coworker’s high school driven 1983 Olds Delta 88 in the prime of it’s life.  It was a car that we were proud to cruise in for obvious reasons. Thank goodness for high school cars.

Jeremy Nutt

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  1. I hear you! My first car was a Dodge Monaco with rusted out wheel wells, torn seats and blue smoke coming out the tailpipe. I tried to fix it up but it was like putting lipstick on a pig. This inspired me to get a part time job, save up and get a better car.

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