Gearhead Art. What’s Your Favorite?

Possibly the most beautiful painting in history?
Possibly the most beautiful painting in history?

Over the weekend I went on an automotive tour of sorts, and in the process I saw a painting of a car that was mind blowing.  It was a painting by Tim Frederick of Arnie Beswick’s “Funny Farmer” 63 Tempest.  Looking at it made me want to rip the exhaust off my 389, fire it up, and watch flames explode out the open manifolds.  It made me reevaluate art as a whole, and made me wonder what other outstanding automotive art work was out there.  Whether it is photographic, painting, pastels, photoshop, or something I don’t even know about, I want to see it.

Show us your wonderous, glorious, mind blowing, and breathtaking automotive art at once!!

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3 thoughts on “Gearhead Art. What’s Your Favorite?

  1. Thanks for the story and link! I like the paintings you guys have brought to my attention. This is my fave picture that I own, Route 66 picture Arizona from the Time-Life collection 1947.

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