Twin Engine Delorean on eBay!

There is a time to buy and a time to sell, and for this Twin Engine Delorean owner…..It’s time to sell.  Obviously, I could fill an entire paragraph with Back to the Future references, and maybe even include a picture of Michael J. Fox sporting red leather to really drive some points home….. but I’m not going to.  I think when you look at these pictures, you will draw your own opinions, and likely want to take this car back to 1982 before it had a Cadillac V8 and a Prelude engine stuffed into it. eeeek!


1982 Delorean
Front engine:  2.0liter dual overhead cam Honda engine from a third generation Prelude.
Rear engine:  8.2liter high compression Cadillac engine, from a 1970 Eldorado.

Twin Engine Delorean eBay Listing

Item # 110516547384

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3 thoughts to “Twin Engine Delorean on eBay!”

  1. economy and performance…I guess. The 12 cylinder is just a little heavier than the original V-six and the flux capacitor! I wonder if the gas tank is now in the passenger seat!

  2. I once talked to a Delorean owner that gave me good words of advice. He said “All Delorean’s are $25,000. You either get a nice one for the full price or you get a cheap one and pay the difference in fixing it. Either way, you are spending $25,000.”

    My guess is that these words hold true in this case.

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