Ford GT For Sale in a Front Yard Near You!

Mixed in with the lawn gnomes, pink flamingos, and dog statues, you typically find Ford Escorts, Tempos, and Taurus’s for sale in front yards. That is sooo pre-Y2K. This guy is bringing the front yard used car lot game to a whole new level. “djsheijkdfj” on the VWVortex message board spotted this 2005 Ford GT recently and I just had to show it off to the Nutt’s And Bolt’s Blog readers.  It is very much out of it’s element, and its beautiful red paint, gigantic brakes, and supercharged engine need a happy new leaf-free home.  Is it ok to sell this car this way? You decide.

Has anybody else seen any strange methods of selling exotic / rare cars?

Jeremy Nutt

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2 thoughts to “Ford GT For Sale in a Front Yard Near You!”

  1. Thanks for leaving the phone number in the pix. Looks a lot like an East Texas oilfield workers’ yard… lots of cash but no class!!

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