How Much Money Would It Take?

1964 Impala Convertible. $1,000,000 Fine Sir.

Every car has a price, but the owners “value” is often far different than the price that reality says it’s worth, especially with car enthusiasts.  Maybe we’re crazy, and yes, we are dreamers, but how do you put a price tag on something that you have thousands of hours of work into?  Just the thought of selling my cars makes me want to sob hysterically.  Well, today’s the day in the wonderful world of imagination. A nice young fellow walks up to you with a blank check, and says “I want to buy your car, and it will go to a good home.  How much do you need to get for it?”  How do you respond?

Me? I know my 1964 Chevy Impala is probably only worth a few grand in reality, but 2010 is our 13th anniversary together and I would really like to drive it one of these days.  Thus, the “how much money would it take” to pry it away from me, would likely be in the $15,000 range.  I have a solid $10,000 in sentimental value whether you understand it or not. 🙂

So How Much Money Would it Take To Get Your Car?

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5 thoughts to “How Much Money Would It Take?”

  1. Unless its a beater its a never ending project for me. A project that I truly enjoy. I was once offered 7k for my z06 eating turbo neon. I told him no. He asked me what it would take, and I told him to triple it. He told me I was crazy and asked why I wanted so much and I replied that I didnt want to sell it and if I did I wanted to atleast have enough for another car I truly want. I have had a couple of decent offers for well over what its book value is, but well below what setimental value is!

  2. I’ve owned my 1970 Datsun 510 2 door since it was new.It started out red with a black vinyl top.In the early 80’s,I stripped it of all extra weight,built a stronger motor for it,and auto crossed it. Now Ive put it all back together fully restored as it was stock,but ive kept the stronger motor and stiffer suspension in it and just drive it on nice days and treat it as a classic. As far as the money,and time I’ve put into this car I know I will never “Break Even”,so any offer made for it will never be enough. I think whenever this 510 has to have a new owner,its new home will be more important than the money given for it.

  3. Mike – Your Datsun sounds Awesome! Seeing those on the street is a rarity these days, though they have become quite popular with drag racers recently. Light weight + ~300hp + short wheel base = SCARY FAST!

  4. If you gave me a pack of marlboros and a good back rub, I might give you all the spare parts that go with my DSM, too.

    For the SRT, though… $35-40k would get us thinking about parting ways with her. After all, up until 2 months ago, she was the highest trapping stock motor SRT in the country, and she’s got 228k miles. She’s well loved 😉

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