Minitrucker’s Rejoice! There is Hope on The Horizon!

Put on your party hats folks, because multiple sources are saying that GM is bringing the mini truck back (*applause*).  They say it will be smaller than the Colorado / Canyon, and closer to size of the S10’s.  Apparently they remembered that in the 1980’s, the small truck segment was selling 1 million trucks annually, which is vastly more than today’s measly couple hundred thousand.  In celebration of mini trucks, lets reflect on some of the all time greats.

Images: From eBay

S10: Item # 110536202785

Pup: Item # 330436878381

B2200: Item # 270581175633

Datsun: Item # 300426516614

Toyota: Item # 200475365183

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7 thoughts to “Minitrucker’s Rejoice! There is Hope on The Horizon!”

  1. Awww No Chevy Luv?
    I seen one of those at New England Dragway with a Big block in it and a Huge rear Dragster wing. Man That thing flew!

  2. This is awesome news! I had heard that in 2011 or 2012 they were bringing a common rail diesel to the Colorados and Canyons. I would love a direct inject or turbo diesel in this new mini trucks, pair that with a stick shift and they could be some seriously fun little trucks!

  3. I know, the Chevy Luv and Mightymax should have been there, but I figured I was close enough with the S10 (maybe not?) and the Ram 50 (same thing!). 😉

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