Mustang 1000 Lap Challenge Claiming 48 mpg!


Ok, there is a lot of amazing news going on in the automotive world today, and the 1A Auto blog is on it like a bonnet.  Assuming this video is real, and not riddled with lies, this 2011 V6 mustang is capable of an unbelievable 48 MPG.  It is supposed to get  about 30-31 mpg, but during this 1000 lap challenge, they are claiming 48 miles per gallon.  Is it a miracle?  Is it a lie?  Is the 2011 Mustang really that impressive?  Who knows.

Call me strange, but I would absolutely love to read the O2 sensor readouts on a wideband to see what the AFR is.  It’s got to be running crazy lean (magical?) air fuel ratios if this story is true.

Check out for more info.

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4 thoughts to “Mustang 1000 Lap Challenge Claiming 48 mpg!”

  1. Not believing it. The best I can produce, and only for short periods of time (not a whole tank), is the equivilent of a 446 mile tank of gas.

    Granted, the conditions are not absolutely perfect when I drive, but flat level road. But they are talking about a 74% increase in fuel efficiency. I am not buying it.

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