Possibly The Scariest Van Ever?

I roam the interweb  far and wide searching for automotive beauty, and occasionally I strike pure gold.  Is this van the scariest thing that you have ever seen?  Probably.  Does it look like it has a questionable past? Yes.  Does it do wheelies? Please…  Do I want one just like it?  Maybe.  This Chevy Van doesn’t even look safe enough to lean on, never mind the horror show that must happen when you rip on the throttle.   One thing that seems to be missing is the inspection sticker on the windshield?  He must have forgotten to get one. 😉

…. And a wheelie video.

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3 thoughts to “Possibly The Scariest Van Ever?”

  1. When I was a kid there was a Dodge pickup van built similar… red wagon maybe. Anyway he ran the drag circuit doin’ wheelies with a skid pate that threw sparks the whole way, What a Show!

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