Tuesday = 1929 Whippet Turbo SRT-4

Today’s project car was spotted on killbillet.com and is truly a bizarre combination of old rusty sheetmetal, and modern engine technology.  The user who goes by the name of “kberjian” acquired a destroyed Dodge Neon SRT-4 chassis and drivetrain, and knew that it belonged in the back of a 1929 Whippet that was sitting around the family farm.  He dragged them both into a garage and began creating a rear engine, tilt body, ’29 Whippet.  When done, it will likely do wheelies and be quite horrifying exciting to drive.  If it were up to me, I would have used a Jeep transmission behind the SRT-4 engine and kept it front engine, but you know what, it’s not my build… Obviously, it is still an unfinished project, but I will be keeping my eye on it for updates.  I’m quite anxious to see this car move under it’s own power.

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3 thoughts to “Tuesday = 1929 Whippet Turbo SRT-4”

  1. A couple of weeks ago you asked a question about how to capture good photos of cars. This comes to mind on this post because of a couple of the images shown. The main image is definatly a money shot. It captures the soul of a nearly gone automobile (you can see it in the eyes) and it starts to explain why we “store” our old cars lined up in a field instead of sending them to the crusher. Anyone who has ever worked on bringing a car back to life will look at that photo and start to day dream. The photo helps with the early morning fuz and light reflection.
    There is one photo however, that I would frame and hang on the wall of the garage. It is the 4th from the left, top row. The early morning light, the car, staring out into the world. This photo for me, captures the reason that there are two half assembled cars in my garage. This is the view on a saturday morning, first step into the garage, cup of coffee in my hand, ready to spend a solitary day “tinkering” on my project. The car seems happy too.

  2. Rob, I could not agree more on all aspects. That 4th picture is exactly what I hope to see when I walk into a garage in the morning. It looks like the beginning of a perfect day. Well said Rob!

    John, From what I understand, he is going to lock the steering straight and use the front to steer like it was originally.

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