Monday: S10 Xtreme LS6 T-56 Burnout FYE.

Watching a gross display of horsepower is probably the only thing better than the actual act of building a vehicle with such mouth watering abilities.  Today I bring to you a 1999 Chevy S10 Xtreme with a 2003 Corvette Z06 LS6 hiding under the hood.  Hanging off the back of the all aluminum V8 is a T-56 6-speed manual transmission that sends power out to the 275/40/17’s.   This really is a great way to start a Monday. Maybe every monday will begin with a burnout video…. hmmmm.

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8 thoughts on “Monday: S10 Xtreme LS6 T-56 Burnout FYE.

    1. Hi Dean, I have never done it, but I’d say a custom wiring harness, motor mounts, transmission mounts, and probably the oil pan. Then there is the easier stuff like exhaust, cooling system, and intake piping. I’m sure that you could find guys on that have done it before. That place is eye-candy central.

  1. Thats all it seems like on the surface, but its much more. On top of the allready mentioned items, you need a tranny built to hold up to the power, likewise with the rear end and posi, upgraded fuel system to feed it, headers, electric cooling fans, hack the rad support and recess the radiator, cross member notching (if bagged ), and a good amount of small odds and ends to make it pretty. Definitly a cool mod, but it takes a TON of research to make sure you do it right, and a lot of time to actually order the right parts and do the swap. Not trying to discourage, just don’t want anyone to think that its a simple bolt in swap from a kit.

  2. Jason it’s a easy swap , no hacking rad support and if you need a/c you can relocate ac compressor so no natching of the frame or cross member.. indead is an easy swap , currentperformance has everything including your harness

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