Now You Too Can Own Your Very Own Colani Lambo!

Every once in a long while I catch a show on TV about Luigi Colani.  He is a designer of a variety of  things, cars being one of the more prominent ones.   He is ridiculously talented at what he does, and is always thinking outside the box with his nature-related design.  His automotive concepts are always WAY beyond anything that current manufacturers are ready for, but they are thought provoking nonetheless.  Try doing a Google image search for his name sometime when you’re bored and check out his work.

One of his lost vehicle concepts from 1970 popped up on eBay the other day.  It’s known as the “Lamborgini Miura Le Mans concept prototype car”. It’s based on a Lamborghini (surprise), and it’s quite futuristic to say the least. It toured around Europe for several years when it was first built, then oddly enough it traveled 30+ years into the future to an estate auction in Indiana (clearly hitting a few bumps along the way).  A totally awesome car no doubt; it’s really too bad a car as cool as this has been hidden for so long.  Hopefully it will be restored and driven or put on display so that it can be enjoyed by the masses again.

Quicky Sidenote: Be sure to look at the green picture below.  It looks like he designed the car to comfortably seat two bears. lolzzz.

eBay Item # 270670824212

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