What Would You Do With A……….. Mint Chevette?

Chevette’s don’t exist anymore because they were considered “throw away cars” that were so cheap and slow that nobody cared about them. They were rarely, if ever, loved by their owners, and never taken car of.  All, except this one.  This car is owned by a coworker that has owned it since it was practically new.  It has something like 30K original miles, and it is pristine from every angle.  Every time I walk buy it I battle ideas in my head of what I would do with it if it were mine.  On one hand, this little Scooter would be incredible with a new turbocharged ECOTEC engine, 6 gears, and tires wide enough to make it corner like an Enzo.  Then on the other hand, it would be an absolute tragedy to cut up such a perfect low mileage original car.  I just can’t make sense of it all.

Imagine you land yourself an absolutely MINT Chevette Scooter, what in the world would you do with it?

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4 thoughts to “What Would You Do With A……….. Mint Chevette?”

  1. The drivetrains were mediocre (’80s GM ‘modification’ of a german Opel), but they got good mileage. The bodies were rock-solid though! My ’83 Pontiac T-1000 (I called her Kay…) survived THREE lives of abuse:
    1) The original owner bought it in TX, then took it to the mountains of Washington state;
    2) I acquired it, put a new engine in and beat it to death doing newspaper routes, then satellite installs (carrying ladders and tools/supplies;
    3) It then went to a friend who continued doing sat installs out of it for three more years…and he gave it to someone in San Antonio who needed a car…!?!

    On a good day, it was like a go-cart on rails to drive! I’m sure the wider tires, urethane bushings, and KYB shocks helped!

    BUT…given the opportunity with the one you show here, CONCOURS! How many do you really think will compete? Then (to paraphrase Leno) mere Thousand-aires can compete with Billionaires!

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