This $250 Fiero Is The Cheapest Car On eBay Today!

If there were ever two words that shouldn’t be allowed to go together, “Montana” and “Fiero” would be them.  The only logical reason to have a Fiero in Montana is to melt the snow in your driveway when the car eventually catches on fire.  I’ve been in a Fiero in a snowstorm before, and while it is hysterically fun in a “I’m afraid for my life” sort of way, I wouldn’t recommend it to people that aren’t wearing helmets.  Winter driving in a Fiero is like playing the lottery, but you’ve already lost the main jackpot and now you’re wishing you did something else with your dollar.  Ok, let’s get down to business, there is a 87 Fiero 5-speed Sunroof car at stake here:

The current owner says:

“This is a great vehical, I blew the engine driving down the interstate.”

My thoughts:

Wow. Just …wow.  All Fiero joking aside, I have gotten far less for far more.  I’m declaring this little rascal as a great buy!  There is a special spot in my heart for cars that people hate, especially Fieros.  Slap a supercharged 3.8L engine in it, swap the GT fastback on, and you’ll have yourself a sweet ride.  Just please, for the sake of oncoming traffic, take this the heck out of Montana!

eBay Item # 280611188700

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5 thoughts on “This $250 Fiero Is The Cheapest Car On eBay Today!

  1. throw in a s/c’d 3800 from a grand prix and you’ve got a bad little baby firebird on your hands for short money. I’m in!

    now I just need to figure out how to get it back here…..

  2. Well for one I drive my fiero in Wisconsin and Illinois all year round and in the snow best car IV ever had for winter I watch 4×4 get stuck in 3foot+ drifts and my little fiero blasts through em. And only a select few of 84’s caught a blaze 1 out of 30000 made so yeah please before ya bash a car read I to more for the sake of all people.

  3. Okay Dustin, no need for hard feelings. It’s just that it really is a s****y car to be your means of transportation in Montana….and if can drive it up there all year, more power to ya.

  4. Don’t get your panties in bunch. Even if it is a bad winter driver, the Fiero can still be fun in Montana summers.

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