TV Tommy IVO’s Four Engine Dragster

This was the car that hooked me on racing. I remembered my father coming home one night from the auto body shop and saying to me “Let’s go to the dragstrip, the four engine dragster is up”. I was about 7 years old and the wheel standers and jet cars were also running that night.So may dad loaded me up in the car and off to the track we went.

Back in those days (this was the late 70’s) it was a night of watching Shirley Muldowney, Don Garlets, Bill Mavericks “Little Red Wagon”, the Blue Max funny car, Jungle Jim and countless others run that night. When the  four engine dragster came up to the line and the tree counted down this thing was a quarter mile of tire frying smoke for 1320 feet. It was loud and it was awesome. As a 7 year old kid it was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen.


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3 thoughts to “TV Tommy IVO’s Four Engine Dragster”

  1. Iseen Ivo twice at detroit dragway…!I have a photo shakin hands.

    Isaw the wagon master there also with a duplicate car…!



  2. I saw Tommy Ivo many times at Lions Dragstrip in Long Beach, Calif. He ran Buick engines in his dragsters. He created a lot of new fans to drag racing. I also saw Don Prudhome take his first dragstrip run at Lions with Tommy’s help.

    I saw the Little Red Wagon and Maverick’s black ’60 Dodge Super Stock during those times. I was on the race team of the Flying Dutchman Dodge Super Stock.

    Great days!!

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