Stretched Bike vs Vette Powered RX7 Drift Battle.

I’ve done a lot of things on motorcycles including jumps, wheelies, rolling burnouts, and donuts, but never have I seen or heard of motorcycle drifting.  This is definitely a first for me.  As if that isn’t enough for a great video, then they drop a Corvette powered, 2300lb, 3rd Gen RX7 into the mix for official brain mushification.  Watch it, stew on it, and let me know what you think.

Jeremy Nutt

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4 thoughts on “Stretched Bike vs Vette Powered RX7 Drift Battle.

    1. Heck Yes! Doing that is quite possibly as much fun as you can legally have in/on/around a motorized vehicle. If you really want to see a fun time, you may also want to check out the Ken Block Gymkhana video from 9/14/10. Some say he’s fairly talented.

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