One For The Dogs

Lets face it if you have a dog, old spot likes to hang out while you turn a wrench on your muscle car. While you are working  on your Mustang, Cuda, Camaro or making a sleeper out of the family beach wagon, all this excitement makes a dog hungry.

It was this combination of man vs. machine, and dog vs. lunch time that lead to the birth of the dog dish hubcap. This is basically how they got their name. While guys were out in the garage working on the car (back in the day), they would take the metal hub cap from the Road Runner, Mustang, Camaro etc. and fill it with water or put dog food in it for the pooch.

To me nothing looks better than an old muscle car sporting steel wheels with a set of  dog dishes on all four corners, and mans best friend in the back seat cruising down the road.

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3 thoughts to “One For The Dogs”

    1. I could not agree more! I can’t wait to paint my impala wheels the body color and add the chrome dog dish hubcaps. The only problem is that paint on my Impala was supposed to happen about 12 years ago. Ugh.

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