This Is What Cars Look Like in Boston Right Now.

Over the weekend, I found myself hanging out late night in Boston.  After grabbing a delicious cupcake at “Mike’s Pastry“, I snapped off a few photos of my surroundings.  If this thaws by July, it will be a miracle.  Keep in mind, it hasn’t snowed in a week, and we have 20 more inches on the way.

Note: Night time + Winter + Photos = Not Pretty. Sorry ’bout that. I swear I am working on my photography skills to provide you with higher quality in the months ahead.  At least you know that they are real!

Jeremy Nutt

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4 thoughts on “This Is What Cars Look Like in Boston Right Now.

    1. Texas currently makes me very jealous, and looking out the window makes me cringe. I really need a winter time hobby, especially with this weeks storm on the way.

      Attn. Mother nature: Give us a break will ya?

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