Hello Texas, It Appears That You Had a Snow Day Today.

texas snow day

Each winter, I dream of how exotic the weather must feel in Texas during January and February.  This year however, nature decided to toss a nasty curve ball at them.  As the northern states were getting buried under a glacier, nature turned back real quick and walloped Texas with almost a full ……inch of real snow.  Ouch!  The one and only thing that we can conclude from the image above is that snowpocalypse’s are certainly not bigger in Texas.

Jeremy Nutt

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9 thoughts on “Hello Texas, It Appears That You Had a Snow Day Today.

  1. We just want the chance to do a mad rush to the grocery store like in your video a few blogs back. Not sure about other Texans, but Im enjoying the day off snow or not!

  2. This car is clearely not “Fit” for that kind of shananigans. We did blow up some lake floats and sled down the driveway!

  3. I know some parts of the north got hammered! Down south we received an inch of snow. But it shut down highways for over 12 hours. I lol’d alot and went to work.

  4. I don’t work for the government or schools, and I was off. I think it’s cause my bosses didn’t want to come in either.

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