Win The Lottery And Start A NASCAR Truck Team

That’s what Joe Denette decided to do when he woke up one morning and realized he had won the Virginia Lottery for $75,600,000 in May of 2009.

When Joe checked his lottery ticket, he was on his way to meet some friends over at the race track to attend a NASCAR race. He told his friends that he just hit the lottery and was going to start his own race team. His friends didn’t take him seriously and joked around with him, saying “yah right“!

That Monday morning Joe told the Virginia Lottery officials the story of how he found out that he had won, and what he wanted to do with some of his winnings. So they decided to have the official presentation ceremony at Richmond International Raceway.

When they had the ceremony at Richmond, Hermie Sadler had the honors of presenting the check to Joe Denette. When the ceremony was over Joe talked to Hermie Sadler and asked him how to go about creating a Nascar truck team. ┬áSadler began by introducing Denette to Kevin Harvick who helped Joe create “Joe Denette Motorsports”. ┬áSadler also introduced Joe to Pro Motor Engines, who supplied the motors for the newly formed truck team. In 2011 they signed Jason White as the driver of the #23 Craftsman Truck sponsored by

And that’s what you can do if you hit the lottery!

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