American Trucker BJ & The Bear Truck Restoration Episode

I was sitting down flipping through the channels last night when I stumbled upon and episode of American Trucker on the Speed channel.

The episode was about the restoration of the 18 wheeler from the hit TV show BJ & The Bear from the late 70s to the early 80s. As a kid I used to watch this show all the time and remembered that it was a pretty cool truck, not to mention that driving an 18 wheeler with a chimp in the passenger seat made things interesting.

Paul and Craig Sagehorn are the father and son team doing the restoration on the truck. When they found the cab it was in pretty tough shape, they basically had to do a frame off restoration on this rig and put everything back together. Once the original trailer was located it was missing the reefer unit, so another one had to be located that would match up to the trailer.

While they were restoring the cab under the fifth wheel mounting plate they found a plate that one of the original welders by the name of William Sorell had tagged with welding rod that read “BJ&THE BEAR BY W.S”

The show ends to the truck being driven to the Kenworth plant that the truck had been built at.

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  1. I remember watching this show as a kid, it was actually the main reason I decided to get my CDL and become a truck driver. I knew since I was five years old that I would drive a truck, and now that I do I couldn’t be happier…I don’t think I would want to have a chimp as a partner though, they have too much road rage…lol

  2. the trailer was manufactured by brown trailer co. just trying to help, but yes it was a brown trailer. hope this helps

  3. Hi there. As a kid i lives this tv series Especially the kw. I’m 42 know and i still love this truck. As a truck driver here in the uk i have a passion for trucks.i also scratch build model trucks. Having waited a long time i know have hold of a k100 kit and trailer. Ice also had the decals made to the same as bjs truck. Also the trailer decals. Know i obviously strive on copying a truck to make an exact replica which is why i am here. I would like to know if possible the correct colour code of the red and colour name? Also the same for the white?. If possible do you have a good selection of interior pictures also? And finally if possible what is the exact length of the trailer in feet and inches or millimetres. Any help will be very appreciated. Kindest regards Peter. All the best for 2013.

  4. bj and the bear was a cool show..i and the banditr trucks too.
    ilove all of mthose shows my dad ws a trucker…i wish i had a movie truck..i would put it in shows and drive on special ocasions.

    with my income i could never afford one…..
    keep this truck going…it very nice.. didnt it have a 4oo cummins in it
    take care.

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