The DKW-Vemag Munga Candango Carries Cows!

Yes, this is real life. A cow in a Candango.
Yes, this is real life. A cow in a Candango.

I always like to start off the first week after daylight savings time with a little bit o’ DKW-Vemag Munga Candango.  For just 850 bucks, you can grab your very own engineless rolling skeleton of one on eBay.  Oh wait, I forgot, nobody actually knows what the heck a DKW-Vemag Munga Candango is. Let me explain….

From what I understand, DKW was a part of the Auto Union over in Germany, and they came up with this universal vehicle called the “Munga”. For all intents and purposes, it was basically a 2 stroke, 3 cylinder, German Jeep.  It had 4 wheel drive, could carry cows, and wasn’t even afraid to jump into a river from time to time.  They were built in Germany between 1956-68, but that wasn’t the only place.  They were also built in Brazil under a different, but equally fun to say, model name.  The “Candango”.  Fun right?  So DKW hooked up with this Brazilian car company named Vemag, who actually produced these little things under their own name.  The Candango production began in 1958, but after just 5 short years, it fizzled out because nobody really wanted one.  After all, cows do look ridiculous driving around in cars.

Since you are probably still caught up on the whole “it carries cows” thing, I shall bring to you the evidence of such an event that would most definitely hold up in any court of law.  One quick thing to note though: I don’t speak anything but English, and I’m from Massachusetts which means I don’t even use all 26 letters of the alphabet. The video below is not in English, so don’t blame me for any of the good or bad language you may hear. Thanks.

Behold… The Candango!

Can’t see the video?  Here is the link:

Ok, so now that you are obviously all amp’ed up about Mungas / Candangos, you should know that there is one for cheap money on eBay right now.  Sure, it needs an engine, maybe some gauges, a little buffing and some wax, but it’s a Candango!! You and I both know that you have never even seen one of these before, and it’s actually pretty cool looking in a psychedelic-fun-house sort of way.  If a reader buys this, I will happily post up the full resurrection of the mighty Candango on the 1A Auto Blog as it progresses! Just imagine how many cows you could relocate? CowaMunga!

eBay Item # 320669143320

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4 thoughts on “The DKW-Vemag Munga Candango Carries Cows!

  1. Could be a fun name, but still is a cool off roader. Very confortable, small wheel travel due independent suspension. I live in Brazil, and have one for 22 yars. Did a lot off road here with it. Not too rare to find here, but dificult to find transmission parts.
    In the beginning (60’s) , only DKW Candango , Jeep CJ , Toyota Land Cruiser and very very rare Land rovers go off road here.
    See munga offroad in you tube to see they in action.

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