Nascar’s Racing At Bristol

This weekend the Nascar Sprint Cup series will be racing at Bristol. Bristol traditionally is one of those tracks where cages get rattled, and the old bump and run used to be the only way to pass a guy and get by him.

Since they have changed the track banking, it has opened up from a one groove track to two and even sometimes three lanes of racing. Even with the changes, the atmosphere at Bristol is incredible. It’s a half mile of short track racing with steep seating completely around the track that reminds you of a roman coliseum.

It’s also the loudest track on the circuit, because of the way its designed there’s no way for the noise to escape. Pit crews aren’t able to talk to one another like they do at other tracks, so they use hand signals and pass pieces of paper with instructions to one another to get the job done.

This is usually the hardest track to buy tickets for because the fans love the action. By the end of the race it typically looks like they took 43 cars out of the junkyard and placed them on the track.

The picture at the top of the article is of Terry Labonte when he won the 1995 Goody’s 500 after receiving a bump from the late Dale Earnhardt and stoved in the front of the car while he crossed the finish line. I remember him pulling that car into victory lane huffing and puffing smoke out of the front of the Kellogg’s Chevy.

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