Showing off a Beautiful Intake Manifold

Some people are really great at building things out of metal, like Beck Mechanical for example.  See, waaaay back in 2006 “Nine Ball” on LS1Tech wanted the most awesome intake manifold ever (my words, not his) for his 427ci LS7.  Beck Mechanical made it happen. They punched some code in the ol’ CNC machine and made some of the fanciest intake runners to ever sit atop an engine. The runners were then TIG’ed to some beautifully machined intake flanges that precisely matched the head ports. MMM.  Each plenum then had an injector port welded on to the bottom of it to complete this engine jewelry package.  Tada! Most awesome intake manifold ever.

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2 thoughts to “Showing off a Beautiful Intake Manifold”

  1. Looks nice but round runners as opposed to rectangular flow better due to consistent wall shape and is less turbulent.

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