In A World Of Exotics Yellow Has A Place Of Its Own.

In a world of exotics, yellow has a place of its own. To me nothing screams “I’m here” like a bright yellow exotic sports car. If I were ever in a position to buy an exotic, it would without a doubt, have to be yellow.

Why yellow you ask? I love yellow because it’s different, it’s loud, it’s a change in the opposite direction from red, and if your lucky enough to get invited to a prestigious car show, there’s often a class for yellow car entries. To me there’s nothing cooler than observing an entire line of yellow Ferraris, Porches or Lamborghini’s on display. Most of these cars tend to wear it well.

Two of my favorite yellow cars of all time are the Lamborghini Miura and the Ferrari Dino. The Dino in particular looks very good in yellow and tends to show off its lines perfectly.

If you’re a fan of yellow cars, post you replies and tell us which ones are your favorites.

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