Simply A Great Commercial.

Fantastic Car Commercial

Have you ever seen a commercial and just wanted to watch it over and over again?  Recently, I was cruising around Reddit and saw this posted up by thesauce25.  It is a commercial for Shell gasoline, with the help of Ferrari race cars racing through the city streets.  The sounds coming from the cars are incredible.

(If you can’t see the video, here is the link:

Now you are probably thinking to yourself “yes, that was quite wonderful for my eyes, ears, and soul, but I still want more.” Luckily for us, people like “jagu” exist, because based on “crackrabbit’s” suggestion, he added a soundtrack to this Shell / Ferrari commercial using the youtube doubler. It combines the amazing sounds of the Ferraris with a song called “Road to Glory” for a massively epic win.  Watch this video for a true masterpiece of internet technology. Warning, it may give you chills.

Here is the link. Be sure to let me know what you think.

All the credit for this goes to the great group of guys and gals on Reddit/r/Autos .

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5 thoughts to “Simply A Great Commercial.”

  1. Notice no stupid warning at the beginning saying “Professional driver, closed course, do not attempt.” ? Geez if only our country wasn’t so full of idiots. Great video, sweet sounds.

  2. wrenchit,
    I agree – we should allow Natural Selection to thin the ‘herd’ from time to time.

    I really appreciated how the video naturally transitions from the throaty rumble of the older race engines to the scream of the modern high revving ones.

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