More Low: You’ve Seen This Car Before.

Have you ever been driving down the highway and thought to yourself, “MAN I could REALLY use a photo-shoot right NOW! “?  Well, this is my friend Ryan’s VW, and he had that exact thought just the other day.  Rather than overthinking it, he grabbed the bull by the horns and ran away with the idea.

His car?  Well, it’s a ’08 GTI that is more low than not low, and whether it be on the side of a highway or in a grass covered field, this thing always seems to pose right for the camera.  It’s as if the car knows who’s looking at it, so it always does that thing it does. Enough about poses though, lets talk about the crazy Area 51-esque laser show that is hovering around it like a reenactment scene from Unsolved Mysteries. If there are three things that cannot get cooler, it’s lasers, the 1980’s video technology that still makes those reenactment scenes, AND static dropped cars that really get driven.  Oh and by the way…… this car is quicker than the average rabbit. I drove this little rascal last summer and it left me questioning my own reality. That being said, enjoy the shots.

See the originals on Ryans Flickr

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