On Ebay: “The Most Famous Film Car In The World!”

After 40+ years of existence, the time has finally arrived for the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (MGM, 1968) “GEN 11” car to land itself on eBay.  The starting bid is 1 million dollars, and it has a higher reserve price, so if you are expecting to snipe this relic at the last minute for $450 before anybody else notices it, sorry, it just isn’t happening.

This massive car… boat…er…. plane weighs 2 tons, and was hand crafted with old school tools way back in the 1960’s. It runs, drives, and stops, but it doesn’t fly or float.  It’s got an aluminum hood, cedar boat body, a few plane parts here and there, and enough brass to make you want to never polish again.  It also has a fairly famous history that you may have heard about. Anywho, open up your wallets, this is your chance to own your very own piece of automotive and movie history in the form of a magical antique car.

eBay Item #: 350458312378

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