Hemi Under Glass Wheel Stander Barracuda

One of the most famous wheel standers known as “Hemi Under Glass” was driven by Bob Riggle. The Barracuda did not start life off as a wheel stander, but more as a car that would be competitive in racing. When Bob realized the excitement of the crowd while his Cuda’ hung the front wheels half way down the track, he decided to turn it into an exhibition car.

I wasn’t fortunate enough to have seen this car run back in the day, but I did grow up watching Bill Mavericks “Little Red Wagon” make multiple 135MPH runs at New England Dragway in Epping, NH in the late 70s early 80s.

Here’s a great video I stumbled onto on YouTube. It shows all kinds of vintage wheel standers, some of which I never knew existed.


Can’t see the video? Here is the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Pwrqpfjrj4

Picture borrowed from: streetlegaltv.com

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  1. Jeremy,
    Seriously,what would you like to know aout the H.U.G? could tell you anything you would like to know about it and almost all of the other wheelie greats.Share some cool personal pics,too.Some you won’t see anywhere else.Let me know.Tommy Riggle

  2. HI Tom, are you related to Bob Riggle that drove the car? If you helped him wrench on it, we would love to hear some old stories.

    This car was a huge piece of automotive history.

  3. Tony,
    Yes he is my uncle.I don’t know how good my stories would be,but if you had anything you would like to know in particular,I would answer any questions you might have.Share some pics,etc.The right questions might get me talkin”Sorry it took so long for me to write back,the laptop was down for a couple days,than I had to get over to my bro’s to pick it up,and I have been trying to get as much riding time in as the weather will allow,before winter.

  4. Mr Riggle, I am currently building a 65 barracuda wheelstander, I would love to see some pic’s of the floorpan and engine to rearend mounting pic’s..I am more on a shoestring budget than some but am very motivated…2 questions,how did the stock K frame and suspension components hold up and did they have to get reverse cut gears for the rearend? I was hoping to use an 8 3/4 but seem to be stuck using the dana 60, I am going to contact a ring and pinion manufacturer to see if I can use the ring and pinion form a truck front axel in my rear axel to get things going the right direction thru my 205 divorced transfer case. any help would be highly appreciated. Curtis Youmans on facebook and waggin forabodiesonly.com

    1. Curtis, On page 24 of the August 2012 Hot Rod Magazine, there is some more info on this car. It says “The Hemi nestled in a square-tube cradle and kept its original clutch and pressure plate, though the four-speed gearbox had to be mounted upside down to clear the differential. With the trans and diff stacked on top of one another, the Hurst guys had to fashion a transfer case to move the power downstairs.” Unfortunately that doesn’t help your Dana 60 situation, but it does provide a little more insight into how it was put together. Good luck with the build!

  5. thanks jeremy,I read a bunch of stuff here and there but the mechanics of the beast makes it have three reverse gears and one forward…been reading up and mostly learnin from the pic’s i’ll figure it all out as I go, got a bunch of undercoating to scrape off the front of the car and may put in a manual rack and pinion to gain some more vision when she’s in the air

  6. Curtis,I can tell you a lot about the car,it might be easier to tell you via phone.Shoot me an email and i will give you ,a phone#.I would not go about the build as you and Jeremy were talking about.The way the newer versions of the car were built were much different.Year of body,no difference.It was all in the learning curve.Contact me.

  7. Hi Tommy, my name is Tommy Cummings. I’m from Hawaii. I still remember when Bob brought the Hemi Under Glass to Hawaii in the 60’s. That is an awesome car. I’m thinking of installing a SB Chevy in the rear of a 55 Chevy Belair 2 door post as well. From viewing pictures I have pretty much figured out what I need to do. There is one thing that still has me stumped, and that is the ring and pinion gears, being that the rear end is facing backwards. I see the special gear box that was fabricated to get the wheels rotating in the right direction. But, the trust on the ring and pinion gears with the ring and pinion now rotating in the opposite direction for forward travel is what is blowing me away. Please email me at: chevy55@hawaii.rr.com Thank you for your support. Hope to hear from you soon. Aloha, Tommy.

  8. mr riggle my e mail is Curtis.youmans@yahoo.com I just now found this reply, I actually have videos of me doing wheelies in the cuda now with a pickup truck 360 but have gotten my W-2 340 al together and have the car apart for paint and interior sheetmetal now

  9. Have other items signed. Gold car 1/102 I would like signed. Does he still autograph. Can you help with contact situation? thnxs edf

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